Fun Food & Drink Gifts

Be it Cookies, Sweets, Biscuits or Drinks we have a lovely selection of bulk food and drink items available to be bought as a fun gift for loved ones or to be kept all to yourself. Personally, this is our favourite product selection.

Receiving food as a gift is sometimes one of the best gifts you can receive and we believe this puts a smile on many peoples faces when they find out that their gift or present is actually their favourite box of sweets!

Imagine someone who loves chocolate bars or Haribo sweets, usually, you can only buy one or a pack of 4 at the local shop or supermarket. Well, here at Name Your Joy you can buy 24 or 48 chocolate bars! Just imagine the reaction you will get!

Buy them in bulk at cheap affordable prices - right here as a gift for him or her.

This makes a perfect gift for anyone - we don't know anyone who doesn't love to eat their favourite sweet treats, especially on special occasions.