Your Personal Pizza Server Holder for Serving 12 Inch Pizza's With 24 FREE Gummy Pizza Sweets!

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This beautiful wooden pizza server is a must have for families all over the country who love to eat pizza! Especially if you don't want to eat out of the box you can use this personal pizza holder instead and eat in style. Just transfer the ordered pizza to the pizza holder. And show off your personalisation to your friends and family.

You have a choice of Walnut or Bamboo Wood, you can also personalize the date 'since 2017' with any date you desire and then add his or her own name to the unique Italian pizza design.

Plus this pizza holder comes with a FULL box of mini gummy pizza sweets absolutely FREE Imagine all 24 pizzas on this 12-inch pizza paddle mmm we'd eat them all straight away if we saw that on the table!


  • Laser engraved
  • Choice of wood
  • Solid wood


30cm's diameter (12 inches)

Please Note: Your free items will be sent out separately from your order and you may receive it before or after your main order from us.

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