Your Favorite Lyrics Are Emotional Memories

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We always repeat the same song over and over again that adds powerful meaning to our lives. Especially if it’s a loved one you dearly miss during half term and a particular song reminds you of him or her.

That’s why here at Name You Joy all the office staff chipped in to get engraved a lyric keyring for a staff member who got really upset when Chester passed away from Linkin Park. We knew what lyrics she liked best because she always sang them around the office.


Now she has her favourite lyrics from the song “Numb” always with her on her keyring. She says it’s a good constant reminder from her childhood the way the band had an effect on her growing up as a child, through sad and happy times.

This keyring could also feature happy times as well, which is great for weddings. You can get your favourite lyrics engraved on it from your wedding song to remind you of your special day.

We know a few Christians who put “how great is our god” onto it as well; we know that’s a very popular song choice for worship.

Music, songs and lyrics impact our life’s so much. They provide the key to our emotional memories and without them, we would be closer to a machine than an actual human being.

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