Where do I put my secrets? | Where do you put your secrets?

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Amanda's Experience:

I remember a month ago, my dad went inside my room and opened my drawer and saw all the love letters I wrote for my boyfriend. I felt so shy when I found out my dad read them.

This time around though I was more prepared, I hid my secret possessions and personal items a lot better. Thanks to my best friend, for my birthday she handed me this keepsake box, where I can now put all my secret letters safe, sound and secure. 


This keepsake box is made from wood used for storing mementoes from a special time, event or person. In this keepsake box, you can put anything important to you. It might be a gift given to you by your best friend, family or anyone that is precious to you.

This keepsakes box can bring a smile to your face or tears to your eyes and if willing happy memories to the mind.


We personally use this as a sweet box, and got it engraved with Name Your Joy’s Sweets -For Office Staff Only.

A keep safe meant to be cherished

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